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Thesismind provide data collection and analysis services for students and researcher in various field of study within Nigeria, United Kingdom and India. Thesismind interest in data collection and analysis services is spurred by the fact that data collection is a very important aspect of human and organizational life. It is the process of gathering relevant information about an organization or an individual’s official records for the purpose of making decisions. It involves sourcing out of information on various areas of interest for the purpose of giving solution to a given research question. Over the years, policies of various organizations and governments especially in various third world countries are founded on faulty grounds as a result of insufficient data, or outright unavailability of required information for the purpose of evaluation of operations, testing of hypothesis or appraisal of organizational performances.

The scarcity of these data are occasioned by many factors such as lack of reliable research agencies that can conduct a thorough search for the needed data at a fee for an organization or use of unqualified personnel for the purpose of data collection, including biased researchers who would not find it necessary to collect the raw information as they were for onwards transmission to the organizational heads.  Lack of data has hindered many developmental processes in many organizations as a result of its damaging effects on the organizational foundation when it is not applied in critical decisions of the organization. This has led to many poor decisions in so many organizations, and so much poor performances in academic research topics by high school students, university first-degree undergraduates, MSc. & MA. Students including the Ph.D. students.  The data that should be used in their term papers, projects and dissertations are not readily available and therefore needs to be provided.

            Thesismind is a specialist when it comes to data collection for academic and writing purposes. We collect both qualitative data and quantitative data for academic writings both for Physical, Social, Management Sciences, Arts & Humanities, etc. It is worthy of note that the methods of data collection across these disciplines are not the same yet the principle regulating the collection of data is the same in our research organization as we apply the same level of unbiased principle, honesty and dedication irrespective of the variance in the disciplines. We apply the best data collection instrument that is fit for every topic across disciplines to ensure accuracy in the presentation of research data. This correct deployment of correct data collection instrument helps the researcher in so many areas of his data analysis and curtail the following.

  • Unclear findings and conclusions occasioned by the use of wrong data.
  • Making wrong decisions on things that concern the general public or organizational matters.
  • Inability to respond appropriately to research questions.
  • Poor validation or downright inability to validate the information.
  • Waste of resources as a result of a collection of wrong data.
  • Making the client go into making decisions that will have damaging effects on his organization, a group of persons, the general public or non-human elements of the society such as animals.
  • Making misleading submissions as a result of the use of poor or wrong data.

Thesismind has developed criteria to ensure that any data collected by its researchers are in their undiluted accuracy and correctness before onward transmission to the client. Our data collection activities are guided by these core values, namely: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Our Quality Assurance Value.

This entails all the measures put in place as the standards of operation which regulates and guides the researchers in their field works. Quality assurance ensures that there are proactive measures put against derailment from the stated standards of Thesisminds. The quality assurance value of the institute is documented in a written manual which serves as a reference point for all researchers. These include the following:

  • Ensuring that professionals in a given discipline are assigned with responsibilities that relate to their fields.
  • Ensure that the data collection instrument to be used is well calibrated and fit for the discipline.
  • Ensure that professionalism is employed in every aspect of the exercise, etc.

Quality Control Value.

This involves that principles that regulate the actual data collection during and after the exercise.  In this value, Thesis Minds ensures that all activities done during the data collection are documented and communicated to appropriate monitoring units such as our research team director, at intervals and that any uncertainty emanating from the instrument, the process, or any hindering factor to the smooth flow of the exercise (such as fraud, individual problems, etc.) should be communicated to the heads of investigation and research as the case may be. Quality control ensures that there is stated action plan against any possible occurrence capable of causing failure in the implementation of the data collection exercise whether it emanates from a human inability or systematic error.

Our quality control measures include.

  • Immediate response to pressing issues during the data collection.
  • Ensuring that the data meet up with the specifications and delivered on time as specified by the client
  • Monitoring the activities of the researchers during and after the data collection as it relates to our service to ensure compliance with the regulations guiding their work.
  • Establishing a communication link between the head of research, the client and the researcher where responses can be made regarding any aspect of the exercise. click to learn more about us and our facebook

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