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Disclaimer: For students, we do not encourage cheating or exam Mal-practice, whatever you get from us should serve as guide and not to be submitted.

thesis writing services in Nigeri

Who we are

We have more than 10 years of experience in academic writing and research.

We have over the years provided the best support and consultancy services for students aspiring towards A’ grades in their studies. Our committed and excellent team provide an unmatched level of relevant research, error- free content and continual attendance to details. This is because in academics, it is the little details that count.

We have consulted and provided educational support services for clients in UK, Nigeria, Kenya, Greece, Malaysia, Sweden, USA, and other countries, tailoring our skills to meet the distinct requirements of universities in these countries and having a cache of testimonials from satisfied clients.

We provide SEO friendly blog contents for organisation and blog owners at affordable price and a well researched content with image to drive traffic to your website. Our high-quality posts are meant to educate, inform, and draw in your prospects. With our well-defined process, we’re able to deliver high-quality blog posts to your website every month.

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Thesis writing services

Our Team

Our team is made up of professors, Doctors (PhD holders), and MSc/MBA holders. Our dedicated team  passion lies in guiding students to achieve the best result.

Our Services

Blog Writing Services

We provide SEO friendly and professionally written blog post for your organisation and blog owners. With our services you can publish post to educate, inform, and draw in your targeted customers and clients.

Writing Service

We have commendable competence in handling thesis writing services, dissertations writing services, term papers, essays writing services, reports, assignments writing services, conference papers and journal writing services.

editing Service

We engage in professional thesis editing, essay editing, and blog post editing services, we edit your blog post and ensure it is SEO friendly.    Our editing team are gurus in English usage.

Book review and writing

We engage in professional book writing and editing for individual authors and corporate bodies. We have provided book review and critical editing for corporate and individual authors.

Our Guarantees

Time Management

Our professionals understand the value of timely delivery of your work, as such we 100% deliver before your time while you sit back & Relax!

Quality Assurance

All our writers understand that quality is our pride and cannot be compromised for any reason. We understand that universities,  differs with respect to structure and format in thesis writing, dissertation writing. We observe these differences during our writing. Our blog post are unique, easy to read, SEO friendly, and very educative.

Payment Plan

Our payment plan is flexible and can allow you pay by installment for your thesis writing services and blog posts. And our price is below competitive price in the market. We can also freely post the article for you WordPress site.

100% Plagiarism Free

We guarantee 99% plagiarism free and unique for all our research work. We have experts’ writers and researchers in various field of your interest.

Privacy Policy

We guarantee 100% confidentiality and privacy. Your blog post are deleted from our system immediately after delivery. You can read our Privacy policy .

Free Revision

We give you 24/7 customer support and unlimited free revision for your work if necessary. All you need is to ask and there we go.

Theis writing services: Why you should Us

  • Our work are completely free from plagiarism. Since we have plagiarism software we check your work and send you the report along the task.
  • We have experts’ writers and researchers in various field of your interest, especially social science, management, law related, and biological science.
  • We make sure that your assistant are individual with PhD and minimum MBA/MSc holders.
  • There is constant and frequent communication with your assistant once the work commences throughout every stage of the research.
  • We understand that universities, departments differs with respect to structure and format in  thesis writing, we observe these differences during our writing.
  • We provide 24/7 customer support service to our clients. You can contact us now
  • We understand the importance of time, as such, we ensure we deliver every research work before your dead line.
  • We believe in customer-referral-business growth. As such, we work hard to please you so you can refer others to us.
  • We believe in feedback, as such, we listen to your comment, suggestion and opinion regarding our services.
  • We believe in honesty, we don’t take task when we don’t have someone to handle it immediately, thus we deliver all our promises.

Blog Post Writing: Why You should choose us

  • Based on your instructions, we’ll choose the most qualified, available blog writers to create posts to your exact specification.
  • Your blog post are written by professional who understand your peculiarity and write the post based on  your specifications and instructions.
  • Your blog post are written with SEO in mind and is so unique that it attract you the right customer or clients.
  • Our blog post writing services educate, market your products and services to potential clients and customers across the web.
  • Our payment structure is flexible and you are allowed to view article before paying for the services.
  • By hiring our blog writing service, you can regularly add fresh, SEO friendly content that will help your website rank higher on search engine results. We make posts fun for both your readers and the bots!
  • We conduct content writing services for your organisation. We also provide resume writing services for individuals. We are the best content writing company with several professional who specialize in writing content for your website and blog.

Our Pricing

Our price is based on your education level and requirements as specified below. You are free to consult the customer care representatives for further clarification on our charges (


A page / 275 word count.

₦3500 or $10 per page


A page / 275 word count.

₦2500 or $8 per page


A page / 275 word count.

₦2200 or $7 per page

Blog Post

500 word count.

₦3000 or $10

Order Management Process

Place your order

To place order simply fill the form to reach customer care or use the price calculator to place order.

Customer care

The customer care contact you through your email or order medium. Your project is discussed and an understanding is made.


We connect you to your writer for ease of communication. You can provide your writer with more details if need be.


You receive feedback on the progress of your work constantly to ensure you are carried along.

Complete Order

The completed order is sent to you for review. We provide unlimited revision for your work.


You provide feedback for the completed order. Your review can be on our facebook or on the site.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What category of writing services do you offer?

    We have commendable competence in handling content writing services, resume writing services, cv writing services, website blog writing services, thesis writing services, dissertations writing services, term papers, essays writing services, reports writing services, assignments, papers and journal articles services to clients across the globe. We also provide editing and proof reading services among others.

    How do I request for Review

    It is simple, once order commences, you have access to your writer and the customer care line. You can immediately contact your writer and the customer care. We strongly advice you send details of request to the customer care to follow-up with the writer also. Contact US Now

    How Long will it take to finish my work

    The time it takes to get your services depends on several factors including the delivery time you indicated earlier, the type of services you are demanding. Most services like essay, resume might take less than a day while thesis might take between 15 days to 3months depending on the clients choice.

    Can I order for Only a Section of my work

    Yes, we understand that thesis writing can really be time choking and you might require help only in some chapter or section. We provide specific assistance in literature review, methodology, and analysis. All you need do is to request and provide clear information on the section you need assistance with details of every materials that will assist your writer.

    How Am I sure that my writer will be knowledgeable of my field of study

    We provide help only in the field where we have experts. Our writers only handle studies in their field. Also, before your work commences, you have opportunity to interact with your writer.

    Can I share materials; articles, documents, and data with my writer

    Yes. You are free to provide your writer with all the necessary information to assist in quality and timely delivery. Our writers have vast knowledge of accessing various scholarly material online from different database.

    Do you your content writing service SEO friendly?

    Yes! Our content writer understand the importance of SEO to your ranking and we write with that in mind. We make sure target keywords appears at least twice while ensuring the message is not compromized.

    Thesis writing services in Nigeria: Issues to ponder on

    • Do I have all the time to do the research work all alone, instead of focusing more on my career and get professional who will not only assist in writing but also guide me more in my research exercise?
    • Is it proper to hire someone to help me with my academic work? NB: Thesis writing is like an assignment which is a take home and is expected you learn it and do it yourself or by others. The most important thing is that you contribute to the knowledge and learn something from the research exercise. So even if you give your thesis to someone to write do not leave the writing excercise for the writers alone you will be robbing yourself of the skills you need to exell in life. Well if you need thesis writing services in Nigeria, think of thesismind.
    • How do I get the right thesis writing services providers? To overcome your fear, seek for services where you have the ability to make part payment and complete as you see the outcome of the research work. This way you are sure you won’t be paying for a sub-standard work. Browse online to confirm the organisation is real and probably ask for sample thesis on current issues.
    •  Ask to know the qualification of your writers, ask for opportunity to interact with your assistant, engage your research assistant and see how sound and good your research assistant is.
    • If you decide to write the thesis yourself, below is step by step guide to thesis writing, including writing literature review and research methodology.

    What is a thesis?

    A thesis is a statement, theory, argument, proposal or proposition, which is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved. It explains the stand someone takes on an issue and how the person intends to justify the stand. It is always better to pick a topic that will be able to render professional help, a topic that you will be happy to talk about with anybody, a topic you have personal interest and passion for, because when writing a thesis gets frustrating personal interest, happiness and passion coupled with the professional help it will be easier to write a great thesis (see you through the thesis). One has to source for a lot of information concerning the topic one is writing a thesis on in order to know the important question, because for you to take a good stand on an issue you have to study the evidence first.

    Qualities of a good thesis

    A good thesis has the following qualities

    • A good thesis must solve an existing problem in the society, organisation, government among others.
    • A good thesis should be contestable, it should propose a point that is arguable which people can agree with or disagree.
    • It is specific, clear and focused.
    •  A good thesis does not use general terms and abstractions.  
    • The claims of a good thesis should be definable and arguable.
    • It anticipates the counter-arguments
    • It does not use unclear language
    • It avoids the first person. (“In my opinion”)
    • A strong thesis should be able to take a stand and not just taking a stand but should be able to justify the stand that is taken, so that the reader will be tempted to ask questions like how or why.
    • The thesis should be arguable, contestable, focused, specific, and clear. Make your thesis clear, strong and easy to find.
    • The conclusion of a thesis should be based on evidence.

    Steps in thesis writing.

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