Our Services

Our Services

Thesis writing services

We provide professional thesis, essay, proposal, journal article, policy paper, term paper, assignment writing services to our clients. Our writers are made-up professionals in various fields with years of experience in academic research.

Editing service

We engage in professional editing and proof reading of PhD and MSc/MBA thesis. We also provide book review and editing. We have various professionals with English major and native English speaking country who engage in proofreading and editing of thesis and books for our clients. Our experts also use various software like tunitin to check for plagiarism in research.

Editing service

We engage in statistical analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data using different software including SPSS, NVivo, Stata, Eview, Matlab etc, others includes meta- analysis, econometric modelling. We can help you only with the data analysis and discussion all you need is to provide us with your objectives of the study and methodology.

Others services we provide

Admission Proposal

We write proposal for PhD and MBA students applying online and offline. We ensure we write based on the university format.

Grant Proposal

Because we have handle proposal from united Nation and other NGOs we know exactly what they want in most cases. Let help you with your grant proposal

Mentoring and Coaching

We engage in providing academic mentorship to our clients and students across the globe on research writing and various data analysis exercise.

Reflection and Reaction Paper

We provide a reflection paper to our esteemed clients on various field of study.

Data Collection

We provide data collection services for clients carrying study in Uk, Dubai and Nigeria. Contact us for your field work in any state within the above mentioned country above.

Data Collection

We provide data market analysis and feasibility study corporate body. Our market survey and analysis provide organisation field data that enable the organisation make decision of either entering a market, launching new product among others.

Business Plan

We also provide a comprehensive business plan and feasibility study for organisation particularly small businesses (SMEs).

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