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Enron: What Caused the Ethical Collapse?

Introduction Kenneth Lay, former chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Enron Corp., is quoted in Michael Novak’s book Business as a Calling: Work and the Examined Life as saying, “I was fully exposed to not only legal behavior but moral and ethical behavior and what that means from the standpoint of leading organizations and people.” In …

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Leadership theories analysis

QUESTION 1 (700 WORDS) (Leadership theories) What organizational leadership theories you have experienced the most as Market Analyst/ Business Developer?  And which one suits you the best and why.   What leadership theories or concepts have been a struggle for leaders you have had in the past or currently? And why do you think the theories or …

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Strategic Analysis: Tools and Techniques

Strategic Analysis: Tools & Techniques – Coursework 1 Task Present a 3,000 words critical strategic analysis of the current Strategic Change within the following case: Post Holdings buying Weetabix You are required to cover the following topics covered in the module: Strategic Position of the company Stakeholder Analysis External Analysis Industry Analysis The links below …

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Key Assignment/ financial planning

Key Assignment Draft (4 pages) Established in 1987, ABC Community Hospital not-for-profit is an acute care hospital located in an east coast Metropolitan area. With a staff of nearly 200 physicians and specialists, 800 employees and 100 volunteers, they offer a full range of healthcare services. They are accredited by the Joint Commission. The hospital has …

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