Kotter’s Model of Change and Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step

Use Kotter’s Model of Change and Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step Process to respond to the situation below.

You received a notice from Human Resources that two of your employees didn’t comply with the code of conduct policy regarding the new dress code. The two employees dressed in jeans and t-shirts while they were supposed to be in business attire (e.g. pants and dress shirts). The code of conduct clearly states that employees have to abide by this new dress code and if an employee goes against the dress code three times they will be terminated. The reason why the company changed from an informal to more formal dress code is due to the company merger and senior leadership feels it would bring professionalism back to the organization.

Here is an except Solution.

Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step Process Model to Change

In our everyday life, we are often confronted with the needs to change from our old status-quo to a new way of doing things. Of course, to change is usually hard, because human naturally does not want to leave its comfort zone.  However, because the society is dynamic and evolving, there is needs to change at one time or the other. One popular way to effect change in our life or organization is adopting the Kurt Lewin’s three-step approach to change.

Kurt Lewin’s model of change is built on three simple steps; unfreeze, change and freeze. The theory developed in the 1940s argued that……………………………………………………….


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