Given the poor institutional quality in Nigeria as evidenced by lack of required infrastructural development and adequate personnel most Nigerians especially postgraduate students are seeking admission to various oversea universities especially UK universities.  Similarly, most employers of labour have special regards for graduates with foreign university certificate largely because of the perceived better competence of individuals with such certificate. These factors have inflicted psychological wounds and intimidation to our local graduates and have made them feel inferior among their foreign certificate counterpart. With Unical scholarly funds that covers 75% of tuition fees most Nigerians currently seek admission in various UK universities, however, this comes with some difficulties since most don’t know what is required.

            Thesismind being a Nigerian based, online-present academic solution provider which has provided educational services to many students of various universities and high schools at home and abroad has identified this challenge of our local student encounter in their pursuit for foreign education and has delved into it in a way of intervention to address the challenges. The major challenges that hinder prospective students from applying and getting foreign admissions are as follows:

  • Lack of adequate information. Information is said to be power and anyone who is not informed in a given field or subject area is deformed in that particular area in life. Adequate information necessary for one to commence the application process in a given country is necessary for a conclusive application and subsequent secure of admission in any advanced country of the world. To help clients achieve their foreign education objectives, Thesismind has established links with many agencies, universities and colleges in foreign countries such that on the request of our client, admission requirement, commencement date and closure date, examination criteria and admission procedure will be provided for the clients. In addition to these all the information needed by the client for successful actualization of admission in the client’s country of choice, university or college of choice and course he/she intends to study will be provided to him at a fee including helping him/her secure admission in his/her choice of school in UK and other countries in Europe, America and Asia including other countries in African continent. The cost of the needed information will be far less than the cost of its ignorance.
  • Finance: Finance is a factor that ignites the willingness to seek for admission abroad. As a result of the poverty level in the country, lack of money deters prospective admission seekers to go about processing their admission abroad. To combat this, Thesismind has made an arrangement with job agencies abroad that will help the student secure a place of work in those countries such that once the student secures his/her admission he will have a place to work in order to help himself in his academic career.
  • Other challenges.  Our organization helps its clients combat other admission challenges such as meeting the school admission requirements, teachers recommendation letter, essay, tackle the challenges of accommodation, coping with his/her new environment and education through the assistance of our partnering agencies abroad, assisting the client secure genuine traveling papers such that the client will not have immigration issues, etc.   



  • Going to school abroad enables the student to get exposure to higher career opportunity such that he won’t experience unemployment after graduation.
  • It will grant him/her the opportunity for greater personal development.
  • It will expose one to many options of interest in making a career choice.
  • It will give one an opportunity to interact with people from other better backgrounds in life which will help sharpen one’s destiny and psyche for a better person in life.
  • It will increase one’s employability in the world labour market and give one a higher opportunity to secure employment in his/her local labour market.
  • Studying abroad changes one’s personal and family profile in society and gives the person the opportunity for higher career advancement.



  1. Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, thank you. “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.” by Euripides.

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